Near you in the most difficult moments !



Near you in the most difficult moments !


We manage all the necessary documentation

We manage all the necessary documentation in relation to each country at the level of local and international administrations and embassies.

We manage the transportation

We offer specialized ground and air transport, for any destination to your home.

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Repatriations of deceased from Spain and Portugal to Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and other European countries.

repatriere decedați spania

When a loved one has died away from home and the family wishes to repatriate the body, we take care of the entire process.

We facilitate the repatriation of the deceased  from Spain and Portugal to Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Morocco, Latin America and other European countries.

We oversee that the cultural customs and religious traditions that families wish for their loved ones are respected. We are attentive to receive at any time the proper directions form the family regarding the due customs and practices.

We are specialists in international funeral management. We know in detail all the legal, administrative and logistical documents that must be expedited for the collection of the body and its preparation in Spain, and afterwards for the transportation and repatriation to the land of origin.

When it comes to repatriating a loved one, Versailles Funeral Home is a reliable company you can count on. We are close to the family in the most difficult moments of life.

Availability 24/24

We are always at your disposal offering professional advices and services!
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Funeral transport from Spain and Portugal to Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and other European countries

repatriere decedați spania

We offer specialized land and air transportation of the deceased in the shortest possible time and at the most advantageous price on the market, to any location desired by the family.

For us the moment of a human loss is a very delicate time and our interest is to serve with the utmost respect. To provide services on a timely basis and at reasonable costs, is the expression of our commitment.

We always look for the cost and time solutions that best suit the budget and family situation, according to the service required.

We offer our services under professional ethics and with empathy and sensitivity for the moment, the family is going through: we are not merchants we are specialists in funeral procedures and services related.

Steps to be followed for the repatriation of the deceased from Spain and Portugal to Romania, and other European countries


  • Lifting the body of the deceased from the place of death and placing it in the morgue or at the funeral home:
  • Registration of the death with the local administrations and authorities in the country where the death took place.
  • Preparation and preservation of the deceased;
  • Certified embalming of the body, regardless of the country of death:
  • Management of all documents for the deceased at all national and international administrations, necessary for repatriation;
  • Preparation of the mortuary passport and international death documents for emergency repatriation;
  • Providing the repatriation coffin in compliance with European standards and the rules of the mortuary police of the country where the death took place;
  • Urgent obtaining of the apostille on the death certificate (in countries where the law requires it).
  • Management and performance of road or air transport both from the country where the death occurred and in the country of destination to home.


In difficult times, when you need services and international funeral transport, choosing a repatriation company is difficult, our company with extensive experience in the field will help you choose the right services for deceased repatriation and international funeral transport.

A company with experience in the repatriation of Romanian citizens who died abroad can be of great help to you because it will take care of all the necessary steps in these difficult situations, already having experience in the funeral field and related connections. By calling Versailles Funeraria, you can be sure that your loved one will be repatriated in the best possible conditions.

The repatriation services of the deceased from Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, Germany, Austria and other European countries to Romania have as their main purpose the fulfillment of the last wish of the deceased person far from his country and loved ones.

We are with you non-stop, through services defined by professionalism, attention and respect.


Frequent questions

How is the repatriation services of deceased people from Spain and Portugal to Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and other European countries performed?

The repatriation of the deceased is done in the best hygienic-sanitary and legislative conditions. We ensure the observance of the customs of each religion, as well as the proper care of the body of the deceased, which will be kept in the best conditions, so that it does not degrade until the arrival in the country. All our services are in accordance with the laws of the state where he died, as well as international law.

What is the program of a Versailles International Funeral Home Company?

We offer funeral services and repatriation services for the deceased 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day. Death can occur at any time and spontaneously, and in the case of tragedies occurring outside the country, time is a key factor, taking into account the bureaucratic steps to be taken.

How much does it cost to repatriate a deceased person?

The cost of repatriation varies according to multiple criteria. There is no standard charging plan, but we make every effort to make the cost of repatriation of the deceased as affordable as possible in relation to the quality of the services provided. The costs vary depending on the distance between the place where the deceased is and the place where he must be repatriated, respectively the services requested by the family. With Versailles Funeral Home you will get fair prices and kindness from a company specialized in repatriation.

If the deceased person has a death insurance policy, the family of the deceased will receive financial assistance from the insurance company, so that the costs incurred by the family will be zero.

It is important to note that repatriation will be carried out free of charge by our company, without any family tax being charged. The family of the deceased is completely exempt from any repatriation fee and from any other procedures that should have been done in such cases. Versalles will handle the mediation and management of the case as well as the direct settlement to the insurance company.

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