We take care of all legal formalities and procedures, so that his family does not have to worry about anything. We facilitate all appropriate steps to be able to repatriate a deceased person.

  • We manage all the necessary documentation proving the death of a person, allowing the death to be recorded at all appropriate administrations.
  • Direct overseeing of the documentation procedures and formalities at each country, and at any bureaucratic level of administrations, embassies, consulates, and customs.
  • Home and Hospital Services within 2 hours of death.
  • Services streamlining with all insurance companies.
  • We obtain the documentation urgently.
  • Orientation of the family regarding the obtaining and granting of benefits, legal aids and social pensions.

How do repatriation services in Spain and Portugal work ?

Preparing and obtaining repatriation documents in Spain is the first fundamental step in repatriating loved ones who have passed away in a foreign country.

In order to avoid administrative problems both in the country where the death took place and in the country of destination, it is important that the documents on repatriation from Europe are prepared by specialized people in a correct and complete way, respecting the legislation in force.

Documents required for repatriation of deceased in Spain and Portugal:

  • death certificate (if applicable)
  • forensic and court documents (if applicable)
  • identity card or passport of the deceased.
  • identity card in the country of residence (if applicable)
  • the birth certificate of the deceased.
  • the birth certificate of the deceased.
  • identity card or passport of a relative, family member (copy)
  • the location and address of the burial place.